Advanced Diploma in Montessori and Childhood Education


The course aims to develop in students a high level of professional competence as teachers of the Montessori Method of Education to children from 6 years to 9 years of age. It will give students:

  • A deep grounding and understanding of the characteristics and development stages of a child in the 6 – 9 age range according to Dr. Montessori’s principle.
  • To enable students to acquire knowledge in the use and understanding principles of the Montessori materials appropriate to the 6 – 9 age group.
  • To guide students in the design and adaptation of the materials to fulfill curriculum needs.
  • To create a Montessori learning environment that is sensitive to children in the 6 – 9 age range
  • Create a safe and healthy living environment for children.
  • To be able to design and implement Montessori lesson plans for children in accordance to the Montessori curriculum guideline.
  • Show a high level of self-awareness and contribute positively to the Montessori workplace environment.

Mode of Instruction

Presentation of lessons will be done through lectures, small group activities and group/individual class presentations

Assessment Mode

A combination of assignments, examination, observations, projects, individual presentations, journals, and essay and class tests will be held.


Support Services

  • Learning support from MMTT Academy
  • Student Counseling

Advanced Diploma
In order to obtain the Diploma, full-time students have to:

  • attend lectures regularly
  • complete and pass written assignments
  • pass written and practical examinations

Duration of Course

  • Full-Time: 12 months

Mode of Study

  • Full-Time

Advance Diploma is a complete Teacher training course for those planning to take up teaching in pre and primary schools. The course ensures to make one compatible to teach from Nursery, Montessori, and Kindergarten age group as well as classes one to five, which is between the age group of two to twelve years of children in any formal school. It enables one to elevate knowledge in English Grammar and the matured ability to read, write and speak with full confidence through Direct and Indirect speech and figures of speech etc. This course empowers one to equip with managing and handling all classroom tasks and analyze the teaching abilities.