Certificate in Child Psychology – (CCP)

The Child Psychology certificate program will provide you with all the knowledge you need to succeed in this field. This information packed training course gives you everything you will need to know about child psychology and push yourself forward in your chosen career.

During childhood, there is a rapid development of the mind and body. This course will give you a full introduction to the study of child psychology, and as you work through the material, you will obtain a much deeper understanding of how psychologists work with children to improve their psychological states.

Duration of the course:  Six Months Course

Eligibility for admission:

The minimum eligibility for enrolling in Certificate in Child Psychology is 18 years. Whether you are an aspiring psychologist looking to enter into the arena of Child Care & Education or are already working as a teacher who desires to upgrade themselves with knowledge and skills in Child Psychology, you will find the course beneficial for you and are encouraged to take up the course.


Course Code Course Title
CPM 101 Introduction to Child Psychology
CPM 102 Child Development Research Theories
CPM 103 Over view of cognitive development
CPM 104 Cognitive development in the first year
CPM 105 Cognitive development in the toddler and pre-school years
CPM 106 Cognitive development in the middle years
CPM 107 Cognitive development and the Teenage years
CPM 108 Genetics
CPM 109 The nature and Nature debate
CPM 110 Physical development