Certificate Program in Classroom Training

Certificate program in Classroom Training

A very intensive 4 week program that focuses heavily on new methodologies and philosophies of teaching. The candidates choosing to do this hands-on training program will get exposure on handling Montessori apparatus, project based methods, thematic planning and ICT (technological apparatus). The course itself is an amalgamation of six courses; Montessori Teacher Training (MTT), Nursery Teacher Training (NTT), Pre Primary Teacher Training (PPTT), Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Special Education Teacher Training and Child Psychology, especially crafted by our senior educators to give you the best training to become a well-rounded teacher.


Eligibility for admission

  • The minimum eligibility for enrolling this course is 18 years.
  • Student must hold any Bachelor Degree /equivalent to Bachelor Degree from Recognized College/Institute/ University verified by Official Transcript.
  • Graduates /Parent from many walks of life and many with professional backgrounds can equally benefit from our courses while gaining valuable skills and knowledge which importantly supports the development of their own children.


Benefits of classroom training:

  • The learner will get training on six specializations at once
  • The classes are demonstrative of what each of the specializations entails
  • The learner gets to practice what they have learned during the course hours so they can perfect their art
  • As opposed to a theoretical learning, in-class is more hands-on and activity based
  • Exposure to existing and new teaching apparatus
  • Opportunity for Teaching Practice is provided for the learners
  • Opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in actual classrooms
  • Be able to manage students of all kinds, even ones with different requirements
  • An MMTT certified teacher will be able to get a variety of teaching jobs throughout the world because of their unique position of being prepared for all classroom environments



  • Certificates are acknowledged and validated by internationally renowned academic bodies
  • The certificates are dispatched within 30 days after the completion of the course
  • The certificate is shipped within India free of cost


Admission Process

The admission process is completed online

  • Candidates will have to register online and fill out an admission form
  • Payment is done online / in bank after the admission form is filled
  • Once the payment is done, the candidate receives an email with the confirmation of the admission process.



The trainer continuously monitors the learners throughout the 4 week course. The teacher-students are assessed through formative assessments and a summative assessment. Throughout the course, the student-teachers will be given assignments or projects or activities to complete, all of which will be evaluated by the trainer. A summative assessment occurs at the end of the course or the Teaching Practice (TP), which usually takes place for 2 days near the end of the training program.


Job Opportunities

  • Montessori teacher
  • Nursery Teacher
  • Pre-School Teacher
  • Primary School Teacher
  • SEN / SPED