Diploma in Educational Administration & Management


This course is for School Counsellors, Principal, Owners of Institutes, Pre-school Owners, and Candidates, who aim to lead an educational institution.

Teaching kids and managing a class, and managing an entire school are two completely different things. Do you have a passion to be a part of a school and do you want to learn how to manage an institution properly? Then, the Educational Administrative and Management course, provided by MMTT is what you need.
This course covers diverse technicalities and materials that will help you to go close to your aim. Operational administration and management of diverse educational institutes need some exclusive skills and our course will allow teachers to be familiar with all these.

Students can enroll them either in the certificate or diploma course.

Certification in Educational Administration and Management is a 150 hours course. After the completion of the course, you can see a boost in your confidence and it will help you to become a suitable administration.

Diploma in Educational Administration and Management is a 150 hours course. If you want to know more or are looking for a senior profile, then this specially tailored course will be the perfect choice for you. After completion of the Certification in Educational Administration and Management, you are eligible to take up this Diploma Course

Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration and Management is 150 hours course. While you study this course, you become a professional in Administrative to the maximum of perfection in the Management in all the fields.

Who can do this course?

  • School coordinators
  • School administrative
  • Head of Departments
  • Principals
  • Pre-school owners
  • Center Managers
  • Owners of Educational Institutions


After you complete the course, you will get an internationally accredited certificate and can apply for the post of Principal, Institutional Head, and School Coordinators.


  • The courses are divided into several modules
  • Our teachers will check your projects or lesson plans or case studies and based on your performance will provide you grade

How the course works?

  • Fill our online application form in order to enroll yourself in the course
  • Once the payment is done, the candidate receives an email with the confirmation of the admission process.
  • Each of the modules has a set of questions or assignments that you need to complete.
  • There will be an assignment at the end of the diploma course
  • After you complete the course successfully, we will provide you certificate

Course Segments:

Phase 1 : Components of Educational Administration
Phase 2: Human relations in Educational Administration
Phase 3 : Educational Supervision
Phase 4: Appraisal to improve student learning
Phase 5 : Decision Making in Education Management and Administration
Phase 6 : Curriculum Issues in Administration
Phase 7:Curriculum overview