Diploma in Life Skills Program


This course is to familiarize students with basic aspects of life skills and its conceptual treatment, theoretical perspectives and practical strategies of life skills education. The course aims to provide systematic understanding of the theoretical basis of life skill education, application of life skill to the present day complicated contemporary living system and Professionalization of life skill education. The course can be well utilized for all prospective teachers as an inevitable course at any level. The structural frame work of the course will benefit to other fields. After completing the course, the learner is expected to master in developing life skills and applying it in various spheres of life.


Life Skills Program Suitability


The course is suitable to improve their Personal & Social qualities such as self-esteem, compassion, and respect and confidence. They should be able to gather information, access and interpret it; lead and participate in discussions and groups; organise workload and work to deadlines. Applicants should also be able to develop opinions and propose ideas; read pages of text and pick out the essential points. Candidates willing to enhance their educational qualification and want to become lecturer also are suitable for the course.


Life Skills Program Beneficial?                           

They can also have jobs in public Sector Schools, Inspector of schools; who are expected to be experts for observing students for their overall development, evaluation & assessment with the Life Skills. This Course aims to produce the qualified ‘life skills trainers’ for the acute demand of Trainers in Educational Industry as well as for the Society. The course is beneficial to train students in training methodologies; to enable students to apply life skills in various spheres and to develop professionals in life skills education. This course also empowers students with the ability to contribute as youth worker specialized in life skills education.


Job Opportunities

 Life Skills Trainer

 Management Trainee

 Teacher & Lecturer

 Sales Application Specialist

 Freelance Trainer

 Life Insurance Advisor


Semester 1


Introduction to Life Skills

Core Life Skills

Theoretical Foundations of Life Skills

Organizational Behaviors

Personality Development

Life Skills for Population with Special Needs

Practicum in Applied Life Skills


Semester 2

Training Methods and Techniques

Human Resource Development

Adolescent Care and Counselling


Life Coaching Skills

Life Skills and Social Inclusion

Demo & VIVA