Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training


Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training is a contemporary course tailored for aspiring nursery teachers planning a career in nursery education. The course which is of 150 hours duration equips the prospective nursery teachers with the vital skills and methods which encourage the activities of the young learners. The graduate diploma course offers enough flexibility to the candidates who can pursue it from any part of the globe in either online mode or distance mode. The nursery teachers play a pivotal role since the early childhood learning is interactive and the modern learning environment has become demanding. It is the responsibility of a nursery teacher to facilitate learning and development through playful activities and at the same time maintaining the natural rhythm of the young children.


Outcome of the Course

Teachers looking forward to a successful career in nursery teaching would benefit from this course. Also this extensive course will be appropriate for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to open nursery or pre-schools.

A very extensive curriculum including Basic Computers, Teaching Aids and Self-Awareness will prepare the candidates to master the skill of nursery teaching and assure a successful future as a nursery teacher.

Completion of this course will expose candidates to ample job opportunities and enable them to be nursery teachers, early childhood educators, course coordinators etc.


Job Opportunities

There are ample opportunities for nursery teachers who have completed courses in Nursery

Teacher Training and have a passion to teach young learners. With nursery and preschools developing at a rapid rate, there is a considerable demand for certified nursery teachers.

The course will provide the skills and methods to teach children in the age group of 0-5 years and will make the candidates competent enough to work as nursery teachers, early childhood educator and preschool teachers. The course is suitable for not only nursery teachers but anyone connected with nursery education.



  1. Introduction to Teaching Young Learners
  2. Importance of play
  3. Instructional Strategies
  4. Classroom Management
  5. Language Learning
  6. Educational Psychology
  7. Characteristics Of Young Learners
  8. Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development
  9. Curriculum
  10. Assessment and Evaluation