Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

The total development of the child is strongly envisaged in all preschool education programs. It leads to help lay the foundation of the later life of the child who is in his tender formative years. This teacher education program on preschool education assists, those interested in early childhood education and those who are already engaged in the education and care of young children to advance their knowledge in the principles of child development. It also creates an awareness of the issues related to the young child and sensitizes child care givers to the values and ethics related to modern child development practices. Such programs also enhance the skills of the teacher to in cooperate leaching and learning in preschool to the best of their interests of the young child.

This course is designed to mould aspirant teachers to effective teachers to teach in preschool and primary schools. The course aims to develop the exact teaching skills required to teach the children in the age group of 2-7 years. The teacher there will play the multi facets role of the substitute mother, facilitator or learning, counsellor and manager. By end of the course the teachers will be fully equipped with competencies essential for an effective preschool teacher along with a clear perception and understanding of the young learners, maturity levels, abilities, needs, interests and potentialities. Thus, making learning a pleasant experience for the child ready to sojourn new re-aims.

Preschool also called as pre-primary school. The aim of Preschool is to give children early childhood education before they begin their compulsory education in primary school. It is very difficult to teach and manage the classroom as a teacher of preschool, if you don’t have proper classroom management skills along with your teaching skills.


Who Can Avail This Course?

Those who are planning to put up their own Preschool/Daycare/Activity centre.