Diploma in Special Educational Needs (SEN)


As the name suggests, it is a specialized branch of education that deals with those students who have physical, cognitive, language, learning, sensory, and/or emotional abilities that deviate from those of the general population. Educators, trained and certified in special education, provide instructions that are particularly custom made to fit the needs of the individuals and thus making the education available to students who would have, otherwise, limited access to education.

Serving as a professional educator is arguably the most important contribution a person can offer in society today. In particular, those who choose to serve students with special needs play a crucial role in improving the outcomes of individuals with disabilities. This course is intended to be a guide in assisting you in acquiring basic understandings of special education processes and the nature and needs of students with disabilities.

Who can do this course?

Ø  Struggling mothers to train their children

Ø  Parents of Learning Disabilities

Ø  Parents of Gifted Children

Ø  Parents of slow learners

Ø  Special Need Educators

Ø  Aspiring Special Education Teachers

Course Modules

Certificate Level would include the following subjects:

Ø  Introduction to Special Education

Ø  Understanding Learning Disabilities

Ø  Creating Inclusiveness in Education

Ø  Gifted Children and Slow learner

Ø  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Diploma Level would include the following subjects:

Ø  Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ø  Sensory Education for Special Needs

Ø  Special Needs on Early Years

Ø  Sensory Activities for Special Needs

Ø  Brain Exercises for ADHD

Ø  Autism Spectrum Disorder Integrated Seminar & Demos



As more and more people are becoming aware about special education needs and teachers in the 21st century, the more is a rise in the demand for certified and trained SEN teachers and special educators. Certified and trained teachers, who go through SEN teacher training or special education teacher training, are well acquainted with the required competency and methodologies that are necessary in the skilful handling of a student with special needs. It helps the aspiring teachers to understand the various needs of an individual and to guide them towards a better future. Special education is a quite diverse field and so, pursuing a course in this field not only restricts a person to the post of a teacher. Anyone with an entrepreneurial mind willing to open a day-care center, or work as a caregiver, be an assistant SEN teacher etc. may pursue a course in Special Needs Teacher Training and shine in the said arena. This is why special education is so important and its significance will rise with each passing day.